To contact Dr. Hoek about potential consulting/advising opportunities, please send an email to nanometer1(at)

Since the late 1990’s, Dr. Hoek focused his teaching, research, writing, consulting, philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts on understanding, improving, commercializing and applying membrane technologies to drinking water and wastewater treatment, desalination and water reuse, salinity gradient power, CO2 sequestration, kidney dialysis & protein purification, oil & gas produced water treatment, oil spill cleanup and environmental remediation.  He and his collaborators have invented and commercialized several novel technologies over the years (e.g., NanoH2O, Water Planet, MembranePRO, PolyCera, IntelliFlux, Hydrophilix, Pacifica Water Solutions).

More broadly, Dr. Hoek has served as a technical advisor on numerous municipal and industrial water treatment, desalination and reuse projects as well as a consultant to various technology companies, venture capital, private equity and hedge funds, law firms, private research foundations, non-profit foundations, US federal, state and local agencies and foreign national research agencies.

Examples of topics and applications that Dr. Hoek has consulted for

Technology Companies

  • I have served and continue serve on a number of Advisory Boards and Board’s of Directors for technology based businesses that range from workplace productivity software, automation and controls software, membrane manufacturing, water treatment systems and solutions, agricultural products, electrochemical technologies, mining operations and electrolysis.

Investment Funds

  • I have advised a number of angel, venture capital and private equity funds on making investments into membrane manufacturing, water treatment and nanotechnology based businesses including up front technical due diligence and market opportunity analyses, management team building and strategic direction.

Law Firms

  • I have served as a technical consultant on a number of law suits including produced water treatment, electro-coagulation technology, membrane technology and industrial water pollution.

Non-Profits & NGOs

  • I have served and continue serve as an advisor or on Board’s of Directors for non-profit organizations in the food-energy-water nexus space, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) and remote (off-grid) water treatment.


To contact Dr. Hoek about potential consulting/advising opportunities, please send an email to nanometer1(at)